Easy Troubleshooting - Locate and Fix Kernel32.dll Error

Published: 18th July 2010
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In order to fix kernel32.dll errors, I first recommend a registry cleaner. It can often be the best solution for persistent registry errors.

The kernel32.dll error, like other registry errors, often causes problems like program interruption and even full system shutdown. If you're having problems with dll system files, feel free to follow this advice and information to fix your computer issues.

What is Kernel32.dll

This dll (a file in your dynamic link library) is related to system memory. If a program or file tries to access this memory reserved for system memory, then you'll receive this error message:

"Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module"

Usually the file or program trying to access the system memory is a virus. Viruses like to burrow into your registry and eat up system memory in order to cause crashes in your system.

What's Causing the Error

Depending on the error message, the memory error can also be related to different problems on your system.

Invalid Page Fault: This error is caused when a program inappropriately attempts to access the restricted memory. If you know the program that is doing this, uninstall the guilty program.

Memory Errors: Usually caused by low memory or specific bugs in your memory system. To find the specific nature of the memory problem, go to msconfig.exe and type in "device=c:windowshimem.sys/testmem:on" and reboot your computer. It should give you a readout telling you where the message is occurring.

Device Driver: This error message indicates problems with your hardware or their drivers. If it is the driver, the problem should be solved by updating your drivers to the newest version. If it is a hardware problem, you may have to trade out your hardware to troubleshoot the issue.

Malware Infection

Viruses are so common that I usually check there first. Often people underestimate how prolific and dangerous viruses can be. Scan your computers often and on a regular basis with the latest antivirus program.

Viruses like to dig into your Windows system files and dlls because they can be harder to detect and delete. Because of this, I also recommend an excellent registry cleaner to keep your system files more secure and organized.

If you're looking for more information on how to fix kernel32.dll errors, then check out this registry cleaner site for tips and tricks on how to troubleshoot and repair your system errors.

Optimize-Your-PC, with its advanced registry cleaning technology, will boost PC Performance and fix kernel32.dll error in under 2 Minutes.

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